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Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

In recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, we have devised protection policies and will exert our utmost efforts to secure appropriate handling of personal information. Regarding collection, use and control of the information, we have determined the rules, regulations and methods to put in practice as specified in the following and will observe them most strictly hereafter.

Principle rules on collection, use and provision of personal information
  • Pharma Partners shall collect personal information, when it does so directly, in accordance with the relevant laws and in a fair manner with the prior consent from the person in question or his/her lawful guardian.
  • Pharma Partners shall collect personal information by clarifying the purpose of its use to the person in question and shall limit the use of the information strictly to fulfilling that purpose only.
  • Pharma Partners shall not collect the personal information of a highly sensitive nature without clear consent of the person in question, or unless in cases of emergency involving life-threatening risks or physical danger to that person, or unless his/her properties in dire need of protection.
  • In the case of being commissioned by or commissioning to the outside parties for the work of processing personal information, Pharma Partners shall regulate articles regarding protection, re-commissioning, accountability on the liabilities incurred in case of accidents, return or delete of the personal information at the end of the contract and shall abide by the regulations.
  • Pharma Partners shall limit the use and the provision of the personal information to the framework agreed upon by the person in question.
About control of personal information

Pharma Partners shall take the measure to maintain the exact quality, and shall prohibit unlawful access, loss, damage, tampering or leakage of the personal information collected by Pharma Partners directly or through commissioned contract.
When entrusted the work of processing personal information, Pharma Partners shall confirm that the information was collected lawfully and fairly with the prior consent of the person in question.

Laws and rules

Pharma Partners shall observe the relevant laws and rules stipulated and practiced in Japan pertaining to personal information and shall strive to make continued improvement on the policies stated herein.

About inquiry from the person on his/her personal information

Pharma Partners shall deal reasonably and swiftly with the inquiry made by the person on handling his/her personal information.
For more information or a request for confirmation on personal information, please contact us by the following telephone :(TEL: +81-3-6264-8551)