Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pharma Partners acknowledges the importance of personal information and the responsibility of protecting them when we handle. Pharma Partners makes every effort to protect personal information based on the Privacy Policy.

1. Compliance with Regulations and Guidelines

Pharma Partners Complies with Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as related regulations and guidelines

2.Collection of Personal Information

Pharma Partners collects only necessary Personal Information in a fair manner with complying laws and regulation.

3.Purpose of Use

Pharma Partners specifies the purpose of the use of collected Personal Information and uses it within the range specified.

4.Safety Measures of Personal Information

Pharma Partners takes proper measures to manage Personal Information appropriately to prevent Personal Information from leakage, loss or damage. However, Pharma Partners does not guarantee completeness of the measures.

5.Review of handling of Personal Information

Pharma Partners review and improve the handling of Personal Information regularly to maintain proper protection of Personal Information.

6.Disclosure of Personal Information

Pharma Partners does not disclose Personal Information to the third parties without prior consent. Pharma Partners may disclose or use within the range required justifiably. Pharma Partners responds to request of disclosure of Personal Information from the person or his/her representative immediately except for the following cases:

  • Cases where there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or the third party.
  • Cases where there is a risk of a serious impediment to the proper implementation of our business.
  • In violation of the laws and regulations

Please contact us at Contact Us for disclosure of Personal Information, Inquiries, complaints, opinions, oppositions.

Kiyofumi Fukukawa, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Pharma Partners Co., Ltd.

To Whom it may concern

1.Collection of Personal Information

Pharma Partners collects Personal Information which are provided voluntarily by persons who contacted us via our web site when they inquire. Such Personal Information includes name, telephone numbers and email addresses which are provided when they inquire about our services and career opportunities.

We collect IP addresses, domain names, information to analysis the status of access to our website via Cookie (small text file to be incorporated in user’s browser) in order to increase user-friendliness.

We may use “Click Count URL” linked to our website in our e-mail to provide information efficiently. This will provide us with information about whether the e-mail recipients browse our website.

2.Purpose of Use

Pharma Partners accepts request for information, opinions, requests, job application etc. via our website. In such occasion, we use collected Personal Information only for responses to the requests and inquirers.

Pharma Partners analyzes number of users who visited our website and uses logs to confirm if we provide information efficiently in a user-friendly manner. However, we do not collect Personal Information such as usernames and email addresses.